An excerpt from Improving Agility: Agile certifications.

I thought I’d share the start of Agile Certifications. Apart from the preamble, the meat of this excerpt is the chapter “Trends in Agile Development”. Here’s a teaser quote:

The online jobs website, provides simple charts and reports lending insight. This is the graph for the percentage growth of job postings containing the phrase “Agile software”. The last six years have seen a massive 1750% growth in the number of Agile jobs advertised on the site.

Growth of jobs using the term "Agile Software"

Growth of jobs using the term “Agile Software”

You can download the first two chapter for free:  Improving Agility – Agile Certifications (Ch1 & Ch2)

And you can purchase the full ebook for the price of a cup of coffee.

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Pepe Vazquez
Pepe Vazquez

Hi !!. In my blog , recently I wrote a post with something like that. The post name was : " Agile Jobs " it`s in Spanish :) . My Source for the analysis of the trends of Agile in the offer of jobs posting, was and also I saw the constant evolution of Agile for job offfers in IT , especially in US, and UK. Here in Spain we are in a growth phase with a fairly active agile community, but has not yet reached to the big corporations.

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