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How Scrum 101 was made

I’ve always been fascinated by how different websites work and the technologies behind them, so I thought I’d briefly discuss how Scrum101 is put together and what drives it. The whole setup of Scrum 101 is relatively simple, although I have to admit it took some time and effort to make is simple. There is […]

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Guest post: Artful Agile

When the global Agile Tour made it’s 2011 stop in Sydney, little did we know that a new Agile game was about to be born. The Sydney leg of the tour was a fantastic couple of days full of wholehearted interaction and efficient, self-organizing groups. The opportunity to create a new Agile game was presented to […]

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Splitting up test suites at Etsy

Following last weeks post on how Esty manages development and operations they have posted another good blog post. This particular posts talks about how they have divided up their test suit to enable very short deployment times. Here’s the introduction: Lately we’ve been deploying code 25 times a day or more, and running automated tests […]

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How does Etsy manage development and operations

I was browsing Quora [1] over the weekend and came across this post (below). Although it’s not directly related to Agile or Scrum, it’s a fascinating glimpse into how Etsy [2] manage their development and operations: [1] is a social question and answer website. It’s similar to other existing Q&A websites like StackExchange. […]

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Does collocation impact collaboration?

The Scrum community has long recognized that collocation is important to collaboration. Until recently there has been little in the way of formal studies that support this point of view, although there has been a lot of anecdotal evidence. It appears that the tide is turning. Within the last six months I’ve seen two really […]

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Team room

How does radical collocation help a team succeed?

Over the last few days there has been a discussion on the Scrum Alliance news group about team rooms. EricG started the discussion by asking, “I’m looking for data to guide green field creation of work spaces for Scrum teams. Any pointers?” There were a number of very interested replies, and I would urge you […]

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Zombie Death Battle

Dion’s Doggy Day Care

I do Jean Tabaka’s 59 minute Scrum exercise during my CSM courses. Usually the teams produce paper based products, but occasionally they decide to do an electronic pamphlet. Here’s what Team DDDC produced at my ScrumMaster (CSM) course in Sydney last week. And, here’s a page out of Diana Mounter’s notebook from the course. I […]

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Scrummaster Mind Map

Sydney Scrum Training and some nice mind maps

Co-training can be either a joy or a burden depending on the interaction between the trainings. I’ve been on the receiving end of a few bad experiences, and so I typically prepare for the worst. And so, it was a pleasant surprise when my most recent Sydney ScrumMaster training went exceptionally smoothly. I was co-training […]

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