Excerpt from Scrum 101: Scrum Roles and Responsibilities

This is the first except from Scrum 101, the free intensive online introduction to Scrum, which I introduced several weeks ago. This is the second lesson from Scrum 101 and it talks about the roles and responsibilities within Scrum.

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One of the biggest advantages of adopting scrum is the roles and responsibilities. They’re very well thought out and designed to reduce conflict if interest. Within Scrum there is no hierarchy with respect to the roles. The Scrum Master is not the boss of the team, and the Scrum Master is not subordinate to the Product Owner. Rather all three roles are peers … they’re equally balanced.

In this video I introduce the three scrum roles and talk very briefly on the different responsibilities. It’s important to realize that introducing Scrum is often hard and disruptive .. and, that is also the title of one of Ken’s most important papers. Here are some points that I’d like you to thing about during the lesson …

1. Which role in Scrum is responsible for the budget?
2. Which role is responsible for assigning work?
3. Where is the Project Manager in Scrum?

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