Improving Agility: Agile Certifications

Did you know that there are over 6 different organizations offering agile certifications?

A peek at Chapter 2, Agile Certifications.

A peek at Chapter 2, Agile Certifications.

Do you know what those organisations are, or the pros and cons of the different certifications? And, what certification is right for you?

Improving Agility: Agile Certifications is an overview of the major organizations offering agile certifications. Agile certifications are controversial and create much debate in the agile community. Both sides have valid points, and rather than repeat the different arguments I want to state that agile certifications are here to stay. This is driven by large trends in the software industry and that’s where the e-book starts. I then cover the six most popular certifying bodies, and the different programs that they offer.

I believe certification is an individual choice with many factors to consider including education, career opportunity, personal growth, time and money. You are the only one who fully understands the intricacies of your career and whether certification would be a potential benefit to what you want to achieve. As a result, you are the best person to make the decision about certification.

But how do you make that decision? Do you simply choose the nearest available Agile course and hope of the best?

What if someone spent the time to collect all the information from the leading agile organizations and wrote an e-book? Would you be willing to buy them a cup of coffee to have your questions answered?

What you’ll get

In this 50 page e-book, you’ll read about:

A peek at Chapter 2, Agile Certifications.

A peek at Chapter 2, Agile Certifications.

  • The origins of certification in the Agile community, and some of the large trends driving the agile community (Chapter 2).
  • An overview of the current leading Agile certifying bodies and the certifications they offer, including the Scrum Alliance,, the PMI, the DSDM consortium, and others (Chapters 3 through 8).
  • Some consideration to keep in mind when making a decision about whether certification is right for you. This section is intended to help as a guide to choosing the right certification for you (Chapter 9).
  • And finally, a summary table I created while researching material for this book (Appendix C).

What people have been saying.

“This E-Book is great! I found Mr. Mar’s comparison of the different Agile certification programs to be balanced, organized, and constructively honest.” -Charles Bradley, Scrum Coach-in-Chief,
“… interesting and informative. There are a few organizations I did not know existed.” -Jake Carter
“Thanks for the nice and really helpful overview about all the possible certifications. It will help to plan the next steps.” -Sebastian Radics

How much would you pay?

How much would you expect to pay for this e-book? This e-book took me about 2 months to put together. It represents hundreds of hours of research, all neatly packaged and summarized for easy reading. I typically charge $200 per hour when consulting with clients (more if you’re a large bank!) So, the e-book represents several thousand dollars of my time and effort to make. I’m not charging hundreds of dollars, or even tens of dollars for the e-book … because making money from this e-book is not the object.

At the same time, I need a way to encourage people to read the material. When I released the draft version for free, several people downloaded the e-book but didn’t do anything with it.
Giving stuff away for free doesn’t gaurantee that people will read it. However, studies have shown that people who purchase a product are more likely to use that product [in comparison to people who receive the product for free].

So, here’s the deal. I’m selling this e-book for $3.99. Why $3.99? Because $3.99 is the average price that I pay for a cup of coffee here in Australia. Sometimes it’s a little more and sometimes it’s a little less, but on average it’s about $3.99. Would you be willing to buy me a coffee for everything that I know about agile certifying bodies and their programs?

Who am I to talk about this?

Kane MarI’m Kane Mar, a Scrum Trainer and international speaker. I’ve been involved in the Agile community since 2001, firstly as a developer and now as a coach and trainer. I’ve spoken at conferences all over the world, including the US, China and Australia/New Zealand. I’m an industry insider and one of the first 30 Scrum trainers worldwide.

Agile certifications are something that I talk about all the time, but even I didn’t understand the full breadth of different offerings. So, I created a spreadsheet to tabulate the more important organizations and their offerings. This e-book is the end result of several months of reading and research.