5 Questions – Issue 2

This is the second issue of James Brett‘s 5 Questions. From the first issue of 5 Questions “The ideas was to ask five specific questions to members of the Scrum community and post the their replies.”

Over the next couple of months I’ll be republishing all of James Brett’s 5 Questions as they appeared on his blog.

In issue 2 of the ‘5 questions’ series we hear from one of the godfarthers of Scrum, Ken Schwaber. Ken (along with Jeff Sutherland) is responsible for creating Scrum way back in the day, not only that but Ken created (or helped create) the Scrum Alliance and the Agile Alliance. Ken has produced three Scrum books that have guided so many people through the Scrum framework. So without further ado. I give you the man himself….Ken Schwaber!

Bio. I have been in software development for over thirty years, starting as an operating systems programmer. I have held positions ranging from bottle washer to cook, waiter to restaurant manger. I was a signer of the Agile Manifesto and started the Agile Alliance and the ScrumAlliance. I co-developer Scrum with Jeff Sutherland and have spent the last seventeen years understanding what it means and how to use it better. I live in Lexington, Massachusetts with my wife, Christina.

Ken’s answers..

Q1. Can you describe what you would consider the top Scrum enabler in an organization?

A passionate desire on the part of the people to do their best.

Q2. Where do you see Scrum in 5 years time?

Like Lean, except for complex development. If an organization’s people use Scrum to improve their product development practices and people, others will be unable to compete with them.

Q3. What has been your toughest Scrum challenge so far?

Undoing the habits that come from predictive processes, such as waterfall. People of my generation have this drilled into them so that, under stress, they revert to its thinking as “the thing that has always worked for me.”

Q4. What makes you passionate about Scrum?

Scrum is a framework for people to apply their maturity, intelligence, and professional skills to make their lives, their organization, and society a better and more fulfilling place to be. What more can you ask from life?

Q5. What can we learn from you about Scrum?

That change is hard and the rewards are worthwhile. What better way do we have to spend our lives?

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