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A whiff of Implementation details

tl;dr: Implementation details in your product backlog items are as signal that your Scrum team is not collaborating enough on product backlog refinement. When developing or refining a product backlog I have regularly encountered the problem of “implementation details” in product backlog items. This problem usually looks like a member of the development team crankily addressing […]

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Product Burn-up Graph Google Spreadsheet

How to create an Agile Burn-Up Graph in Google Docs

A Burn-Up graph is simply a stack graph showing the total amount of work the team has in their product backlog over a number of Sprints. I’ve used a variety of different Agile Burn-Up graphs over the years. Here’s one of my favourites: I created this with Excel while working with an insurance company based […]

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Alternative Burndown Graph spreadsheet

How to create an Alternative Burndown Graph in Google Docs

The Alternative Burndown Graph is one of the more useful Agile graphs. It’s especially useful for communicating outside of the team, with stakeholders, senior management, etc. This is because it’s can be used to show three important pieces of information; 1. how the team is progressing, 2. changes to the baseline of the Product Backlog, […]

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Free Agile Estimating Cards

Free Agile Estimating cards you can print (including T-shirts, beer sizes and martian weapon sizes)

Over the last week I’ve quietly added a new product to the shop; free Agile Estimating cards as a downloadable pdf. The pdf contains my standard T-shirt sized estimating cards, and I’ve included a few other fun varieties including beer sizes and zombie weapon sizes. I’ve also includes an introduction on Agile Estimating, and how […]

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