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Software estimates: the total cost of Agile projects

Estimating the cost of software is, at best, an educated guess. We try to pretend this is not the case, yet despite all the new ideas and models, software is still costed in the same way it was when I left university 20 years ago. There are so many complexities in software estimates that it […]

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Comparing velocity between teams

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Velocity is the amount of work [measured in story points] completed by the team in a single sprint. It’s an interesting metric because it’s both useful and frustrating at the same time. Velocity is useful to teams during the Sprint […]

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What tool do you use to manage your product backlog?

What Scrum or Agile tool do you use to manage your product backlog? I prefer a physical task board and I find that they offer a level of interaction that cannot be matched by electronic tools. I know many people use electronic tools so here’s your opportunity to have your say … what product backlog […]

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Costing Agile projects: How to cost Agile projects

How to cost Agile projects is a question that comes up frequently, and a perfect question for a blog post. It’s actually very easy but before I get to the heart of the matter I’d like to spend a few paragraphs setting the context of the question. Costing software projects With many software project approaches […]

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