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From time to time we host guest scrum masters, agile coaches or professional Scrum Trainers to talk about scrum certifications, Scrum training or specialized agile methodology topics.

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A whiff of Implementation details

tl;dr: Implementation details in your product backlog items are as signal that your Scrum team is not collaborating enough on product backlog refinement. When developing or refining a product backlog I have regularly encountered the problem of “implementation details” in product backlog items. This problem usually looks like a member of the development team crankily addressing […]

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Martin Hinshelwood

Guest Post: The fallacy of the rejected backlog item

To my understanding there is a frustrating misunderstanding of reality when one thinks that the Product Owner can reject a single story at the Sprint Review. Oh the Product Owner can reject the assertion of the Development Team that they have completed it and have them re-estimate it and stick it back on the backlog. […]

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How to Create a Business Model Canvas in Google Docs

A Business Model Canvas is an easy to use, lightweight and powerful tool for anyone looking to sketch out business models. It is quickly becoming the preferred strategic management tool for start-up organizations. While it is available in .pdf form from Alex Osterwalder’s site, I couldn’t help but feel that companies could benefit from an […]

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Churchill - V Sign

Guest post: Planning Poker – The Power of Two

To plan an Agile project most teams play Planning Poker to estimate the size of user stories. Tools are available like a deck of cards, paper or nowadays even Apple/Android apps. Simplicity is one of our Agile principles and The Power of Two practice allows you to play Planning Poker without any need for these […]

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