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From time to time we host guest scrum masters, agile coaches or professional Scrum Trainers to talk about scrum certifications, Scrum training or specialized agile methodology topics.


Guest post: Mastering the sidle

Have you ever noticed when you have a team conversation, and agreement seems to be reached? Beware! There will be a sidle. Watch for it, be prepared for it. Don’t avoid it. What is the sidle? The sidle is simply, one person who hangs back … the conversation after the conversation; the hallway conversation; the […]

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Guest Post: Reflections on Scrum and Kanban

Done and done! 1,5 years of hard work at National Land Survey is over. What a great project! This post will be on my personal findings about Scrum team transition to Kanban. What worked and what not? Moreover, I will try to analyze the failures we made and to come up with some solutions. Let’s […]

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The Power Of And

Guest Post: Using the power of “AND”

I was discussing the standup ritual the other day with some peers in some ScrumMaster training. We were discussing smells and anti-patterns in agile – and the discussion strayed to the team members that quickly belt out: “Working-on-AD-49238-yesterday-(Finished)-today-I’ll-work-on-AD-42938-no-blockers-NEXT” What value does this add to anyone? Did this … Doing that … No blockers. No respect, […]

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Guest Post: Dealing with Split teams and Communication

Today we implemented a blanket Ban on emails! We have a situation where our team is split between two locations; that’s bad. To compound this, one location has developers, and another has testers. You can already see that this story is not a happy one! The team is new at Agile, and majority of one […]

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