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How does Etsy manage development and operations

I was browsing Quora [1] over the weekend and came across this post (below). Although it’s not directly related to Agile or Scrum, it’s a fascinating glimpse into how Etsy [2] manage their development and operations: [1] is a social question and answer website. It’s similar to other existing Q&A websites like StackExchange. […]

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Join us on Kiva!

Scrumology is now on the charitable micro-lending website Kiva. As part of my courses, we often adopt a tip-jar and decide what to do with the money at the end. I prefer to make a donate to a local charity and some recipients have been the Cancer Society, Beyond blue, Melbourne fire appeal, Christchurch earthquake […]

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The fear of releasing, and a video introduction to Scrum

Four months ago I put up a video introduction to Scrum. It was 13 minutes long, the image was blurry and it was awfully boring. I promised I’d (eventually) replace it, and I’ve finally managed to do so. The new video is sharper and moves at a much quicker place; it’s under 4 minutes long. […]

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Profile of a Scrum Trainer in Numbers.

The Scrum Alliance maintains a wealth of data about it members. This includes information about the activities of the Scrum Trainers. I recently downloaded my data and found that the charts generated from this data created a profile of my activities over the last few years. Here’s a summary of the total number of students […]

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