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Chaos, Crisis and Scrum

There is much written about Scrum and chaos, and how Scrum dances on the edge of chaos. This is quite well know and acknowledged in the community [1]. Crisis however is the point at which one system ends and another begins. It’s an inflection point. It is dramatic, disruptive and often very painful. There is […]

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Presentation: Introducing Scrum to an Organization

I recently did a presentation (hosted by Boost New Media in Wellington, NZ) about introducing Scrum to an Organization. It wasn’t a very lengthy presentation but it was fun. I certainly hoped that the audience enjoyed it as much as I did. Anyway, here’s the presentation for your amusement!

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Managing the transition to technical excellence

I drafted this post over two years ago, and I’m only just getting to post it. Time has passed, but I feel the post is still relevant and current. The topic originally started on the ScrumDevelopment news group as a discussion about flaccid Scrum. George Dinwiddie posted an excellent comment in which he discusses some […]

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Complex systems and software in medical insurance companies

One of my favourite American institutions is National Public Radio (NPR). Whenever I went in a new city, the first thing I would do is find the local NPR station. I still really enjoy NPR but I don’t listen as often as I use to. About a year ago, NPR ran this story about complexity […]

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