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Blackboard mathematics

Software defects in quantitative investment funds

There was an interesting article in the New York Times over the weekend about software defects in quant funds. Quantitative funds (also know as Black Box funds) are investment funds in which investment decisions are determined by elaborate software algorithms. Over the last 10 years investors have put vast sums of money with quant funds […]

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[From the Archives] There can be only one Scrum

I‘ve been blogging about Scrum and Agile software development since 2005, and you can find my older work on my personal website. Some of the material has proven to be very popular over the years. So, in an effort to share this the material with a wider audience I’ve decided to start a series featuring […]

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Head in Hands

The High Cost of Business Disruption

In an interesting blog post titled Make the Hairs on the Back of Your Neck Stand Up, Israel Gat discusses the difficulty of maintaining and adapting large ERP installations especially with regard to technical debt: “The software decayed and decayed but technical debt had never been reduced. Consequently, the cost of change, any change, today […]

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Bob Sutton on “Crappy People versus Crappy Systems”

I‘ve enjoyed Bob Sutton’s blog for a while now. If you’re not familiar with Bob, he’s the Professor of Management Science and Engineering in the Stanford Engineering School. He often blogs about topics that are directly relevant to the Scrum community including topics on systemic change, collaboration and management behavior. I recently saw Esther Derby […]

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