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Scrum is not just a process, it’s all about the people. In this section we discuss Scrum Roles and responsibilities, people and processes.

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A whiff of Implementation details

tl;dr: Implementation details in your product backlog items are as signal that your Scrum team is not collaborating enough on product backlog refinement. When developing or refining a product backlog I have regularly encountered the problem of “implementation details” in product backlog items. This problem usually looks like a member of the development team crankily addressing […]

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Interview with Al Shalloway of Net Objectives

Alan Shalloway is a prolific author and founder and CEO of Net Objectives. I first met Al while living and working in Seattle, and would frequently see him at different conferences and gatherings. Since this interview was recorded, there has been an interesting debate of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). In order to better understand […]

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Laszlo Szalvay

How did an entrepreneur grow a successful product and services business around Scrum

I met Laszlo Szalvay (and his brother Victor Szalvay) several years ago, when Laszlo hired me at Danube Technologies. Both Laszlo and Victor are quite remarkable entrepreneurs who started Danube Technologies straight out of college. This is a story how they build a successful product and services business around Agile and Scrum, and how they […]

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Alan Cyment

You won’t believe how much time Alan Cyment spent at business school!

Last week I publish the first part of my interview with Alan Cyment, and this post cover the second part of the interview. In this second part Alan introduces me to an exercise called a Pro-Action Cafe, talks about his current work translating Tobias Meyer’s book, re-writing his CSPO course, and self-organizing conference. And, you’ll […]

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