Delivering code one, thin slice at a time aka Sashimi Slicing

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There is within the Agile the community the concept of delivering software one thin slice at a time. It’s also known as Sashimi Slicing. There isn’t a great deal of information about this on the web and, I think, it’s an important concept to understand. The reason why I think it’s important is because we want deliver some increment of potentially shippable code at the end of every sprint. And Sashimi Slicing is the key to doing this.

What is Sashimi Slicing? When understanding and decomposing a business problem, the typical way that software is decomposed is into layers


[Sidebar: I suspect the reasons why software is broken down this way is the misuse of the Engineering metaphor and how it’s applied to software. But that’s a discussion outside of what I’m discussing here.]

So, if we’re not building software as described above … then exactly what is it that I’m trying to describe? Another approach to building software is to build it in very thing slides of functionality … Sashimi Slices. Let’s take a look at that same problem but approached from a different point of view.


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