Collaborative User Stories In Depth

Collaboration and communication are the fundamental elements of effective user stories. This one-day course helps you learn to create a meaningful Product Backlog with User Stories through collaboration and communication practices.

The course gives participants hands-on experience creating a Story Map, User Stories and writing Acceptance Criteria including the use of the “Given .. When .. Then ..” format. We have structured this course to ensure that participants leave with practical skills which can be immediately applied to improve their work.


Following successful completion of the course, participants will have an understanding of how important communication is to writing useful User Stories. They will be able to:

… explain the that writing users stories is about communication and collaboration.
… explain the Collaboration creates shared context
… explain the the best communication is face-to-face communication
… be able to list two different templates of user stories. Example, “As a .. I want … so that …” or 3C’s.
… explain the there are multiple ways of defining Confirmation.
… be able to list at least 3 different ways of providing acceptance criteria.
… defining system boundaries, examples or scenarios
… explain the the origins of BDD
… be able to write acceptance test using Given, When, Then
… define the the structure of a story map
… explain how to populating a story map with alternatives, variations, details and exceptions
… be able to create a backbone for the story map
… be able to slice out tasks that help you reach a specific outcome.
… be able to divide the story map for multiple releases.