Join us on Kiva!

Scrumology is now on the charitable micro-lending website Kiva. As part of my courses, we often adopt a tip-jar and decide what to do with the money at the end. I prefer to make a donate to a local charity and some recipients have been the Cancer Society, Beyond blue, Melbourne fire appeal, Christchurch earthquake appeal and the Queensland floods appeal (amongst others).

During my course last week, Damien offered to put the money towards Kiva, and the very next day he sent out an email:

As for our donation – it is done, you can view it here:

I tried to make it not appear as marketing for scrumology, but it was the most obvious way to do it on behalf of the group, and I think it is fitting that we build social capital as we reduce our technical debt. :). The group is more than welcome to join the team, I left it open.

I like this idea very much and will put more money towards this in the future. Feel free to join us!


One Response to Join us on Kiva!

  1. Damien Donnelly April 28, 2011 at 5:42 am #

    I actually put the money toward a team donation as well, hopefully it has a group guarantee, but there wasn’t anyway I could validate that. I thought it appropriate a bit of social pressure was appropriate.

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