Every week, I’m approached about the best tools and resources to use with Scrum – for building teams, improving technical practices and more. To assist in this journey, I have created two free online resources – a free online video tutorial course called Scrum101.com and a weekly email newsletter called The Scrum Addendum.

Scrum 101.com

Scrum101.com is an accessible free online video course to introduce the vocabulary, ideas and approaches used in Scrum. Duration for the video course is ten business days.

Once signed up for Scrum101.com , a daily email will invite you to watch a short video on a Scrum topic. Typically, the videos last just 10 minutes (or less). Scrum topics covered include:

  • Scrum roles and responsibilities,
  • Sprint burndown charts,
  • Product burndown charts,
  • Taskboards,
  • The Product Backlog,
  • and more.

The Scrum Addendum

To aid Scrum practitioners, with their ongoing professional development, I have created a free weekly email newsletter called The Scrum Addendum. This weekly email newsletter discusses the wider aspects of Scrum related topics … some technical, some organisational and some behavioural. The Scrum Addendum has over 2,500 subscribers and has received rave reviews.

Once signed up to The Scrum Addendum, two free white papers will be delivered; “A Roadmap to Agile Development“ and “The Top 13 Organization Challenges of Agile Development“. Both white papers are based on my personal experiences of working with large organisations and my observations of how they succeeded in rolled out Agile programmes across their organisation … and some of the pitfalls which they encountered.


As a regular presenter at national and international Scrum conferences and user groups, I have made my presentations available on slideshare. These include:

All presentations may be reviewed here: http://www.slideshare.net/scrumology