Agile Certifications E-Book

Did you know that there are over 6 different organizations offering agile certifications?

Do you know who the organisations are ? Or the pros and cons of the different certifications? Which certification is best suited for you? How do you make that decision? Do you simply choose the nearest available Agile course and hope for the best?

Improving Agility: Agile Certifications provides an overview of the major accredition organizations and the various agile certifications. Agile certifications is easily one of the popular topics – and yet, even I was not fully aware of the full breath and complexity of the various offerings available. Hundreds of hours of investigative reading and research, with months of editing, have resulted in an single easy-to-read e-book, Improving Agility: Agile Certifications. Download a free sample chapter from the ebook.

What you’ll get

In this 50 page e-book, you’ll read about:

  • The origins of certification in the Agile community, and trends driving the Agile certification (Chapter 2)
  • An overview of the leading Agile organisations and the certifications available; including the Scrum Alliance,, the PMI, the DSDM consortium, and others (Chapters 3 – 8)
  • Considerations before undertaking the certification process. This section is intended to be a guide to assist with your deliberations (Chapter 9)
  • A comprehensive spreadsheet comparing the different programs on offer and various options available (Appendix C)

About the author

Kane MarKane Mar is the co-founder and principle consultant for Scrumology. Kane Mar has been involved in the Agile community since 2001, initially as a developer and later as a professional Scrum Coach and Trainer. Kane Mar studied and worked with Ken Schwaber (co-creator of Scrum) and was one of the first accredited Certified Scum Master and Certified Scrum Trainer worldwide. Kane Mar is highly regarded as one of the most experienced and leading exponents of Scrum.

What people have been saying.

This E-Book is great! I found Mr. Mar’s comparison of the different Agile certification programs to be balanced, organized, and constructively honest.

-Charles Bradley,

… interesting and informative. There are a few organizations I did not know existed.

-Jake Carter

Thanks for the nice and really helpful overview about all the possible certifications. It will help to plan the next steps.

-Sebastian Radics