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Agile demand outstripping supply

InfoQ has an interesting article that went largely unreported on how Agile demand is outstripping supply. I’ve noticed this also while researching my ebook on Agile Certifications. The infoQ article points to two sources, CWJobs of the UK and Yoh IT based in the US. Some of the information coming out of Yoh IT include […]

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George Dinwiddie

Guest post: What is an Agile Coach?

Recently a friend asked about the definition of the title, “Agile Coach.” Googling “agile coach” informs me that there are about 205,000 pages with that term. Obviously the term is in widespread use. I don’t typically call myself an Agile Coach, though I’ll use that term informally if it’s the term used by those with […]

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Managing the transition to technical excellence

I drafted this post over two years ago, and I’m only just getting to post it. Time has passed, but I feel the post is still relevant and current. The topic originally started on the ScrumDevelopment news group as a discussion about flaccid Scrum. George Dinwiddie posted an excellent comment in which he discusses some […]

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