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Splitting up test suites at Etsy

Following last weeks post on how Esty manages development and operations they have posted another good blog post. This particular posts talks about how they have divided up their test suit to enable very short deployment times. Here’s the introduction: Lately we’ve been deploying code 25 times a day or more, and running automated tests […]

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How does Etsy manage development and operations

I was browsing Quora [1] over the weekend and came across this post (below). Although it’s not directly related to Agile or Scrum, it’s a fascinating glimpse into how Etsy [2] manage their development and operations: http://www.quora.com/How-does-Etsy-manage-development-and-operations [1] Quora.com is a social question and answer website. It’s similar to other existing Q&A websites like StackExchange. […]

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