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How Scrum 101 was made

I’ve always been fascinated by how different websites work and the technologies behind them, so I thought I’d briefly discuss how Scrum101 is put together and what drives it. The whole setup of Scrum 101 is relatively simple, although I have to admit it took some time and effort to make is simple. There is […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Excerpt from Scrum 101: Scrum and XP - Scrumology.com

Excerpt from Scrum 101: Scrum and XP

There is often confusion about Scrum and XP. The are both Agile frameworks because both were represented as part of the creation of the Agile Manifesto and yet they have their differences. Is it possible to use elements of both? And, if we wanted to do that how should we go about it? I tried […]

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A scene from the Product Burndown video.

Scrum101 … an intensive online introduction to Scrum

Scrum101 is a side project that I’ve been working on and off for over a year. It started as some experiments in video, because I wanted to learn how my live course material would translate into video and if there was something that I could do with that. The vision I had when I started […]

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The fear of releasing, and a video introduction to Scrum

Four months ago I put up a video introduction to Scrum. It was 13 minutes long, the image was blurry and it was awfully boring. I promised I’d (eventually) replace it, and I’ve finally managed to do so. The new video is sharper and moves at a much quicker place; it’s under 4 minutes long. […]

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