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5 Questions – Issue 4

In issue 4 of the five questions series we hear from Alistair Cockburn. Alistair is a leading agile evangelist and book author and recently presented a number of sessions at the Orlando Scrum Gathering, including the “panel of 5” open discussion with the likes of Ken Schwaber, Mike Cohn, Ron Jeffries and Jim Coplien. Alistair […]

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5 Questions – Issue 2

In issue 2 of the ‘5 questions’ series we hear from one of the godfarthers of Scrum, Ken Schwaber. Ken (along with Jeff Sutherland) is responsible for creating Scrum way back in the day, not only that but Ken created (or helped create) the Scrum Alliance and the Agile Alliance. Ken has produced three Scrum […]

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5 Questions – Issue 1

This is the first instalment of a brand new series of articles I will be bringing you over the next few months (or years, depending on its success). I have devised five questions that I intend to put to some of the leading lights in the Scrum industry, either famous, infamous or just those with […]

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Scrummaster Mind Map

Sydney Scrum Training and some nice mind maps

Co-training can be either a joy or a burden depending on the interaction between the trainings. I’ve been on the receiving end of a few bad experiences, and so I typically prepare for the worst. And so, it was a pleasant surprise when my most recent Sydney ScrumMaster training went exceptionally smoothly. I was co-training […]

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