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Absolute Estimating vs. Relative Estimating

I’ve started work on some new videos and this time it’s all about Agile Estimating, Planning and Contracts. This is the obvious next step having completed Scrum101, and I’m apply some of the lesson that I learnt. I’ve recorded about an hours worth of audio and, at this moment, it feels like I’m about a […]

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Guest post: Planning Poker – The Power of Two

To plan an Agile project most teams play Planning Poker to estimate the size of user stories. Tools are available like a deck of cards, paper or nowadays even Apple/Android apps. Simplicity is one of our Agile principles and The Power of Two practice allows you to play Planning Poker without any need for these […]

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Chris Sterling

Guest Post: Affinity Estimating – A How-To

At the last Scrum Trainer’s Retreat in Boston, MA, Lowell Lindstrom presented a 30-minute exercise on Affinity Estimating. Kane Mar has written a short blog entry on this technique for sizing a large Product Backlog here. I would like to add some context for the exercise and a step-by-step that I have found useful since […]

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T-Shirt estimating poker cards

I‘ve been a big fan of abstract estimating cards for a long time, and I’ve especially enjoyed using T-shirt sizes. T-shirt sizes are great because the enable communication with Product Owners; they immediately understand that a Large body of work is going be to bigger than a Medium body of work yet smaller than an […]

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