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Performance evaluations and Scrum.

One of the most frequently ask questions that I’m asked is, how do you do personal performance reviews and appraisals in a Scrum environment. Part of the difficulty is that the Scrum framework talks about three equally balanced roles; the Product Owner, the ScrumMaster and the Team. If the roles are equally balanced then who […]

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Chaos, Crisis and Scrum

There is much written about Scrum and chaos, and how Scrum dances on the edge of chaos. This is quite well know and acknowledged in the community [1]. Crisis however is the point at which one system ends and another begins. It’s an inflection point. It is dramatic, disruptive and often very painful. There is […]

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Team room

How does radical collocation help a team succeed?

Over the last few days there has been a discussion on the Scrum Alliance news group about team rooms. EricG started the discussion by asking, “I’m looking for data to guide green field creation of work spaces for Scrum teams. Any pointers?” There were a number of very interested replies, and I would urge you […]

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[From the Archives] There can be only one Scrum

I‘ve been blogging about Scrum and Agile software development since 2005, and you can find my older work on my personal website. Some of the material has proven to be very popular over the years. So, in an effort to share this the material with a wider audience I’ve decided to start a series featuring […]

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