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James "Cope" Coplien

How a Bell Labs researcher impacted the Scrum framework

James (“Cope”) Coplien is a well known author, educator, lecturer and software philosopher who I’ve been following for some time. Firstly with his books on C++ during the 90’s (“Advanced C++ Programming Styles and Idioms.”, Addison-Wesley, J. Coplien) and after I moved into the Scrum community with his famous article on the Borland Quattro Pro […]

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Ilan Goldstein

How a traditional project manager felt relief by doing Scrum

About 2 years ago I noticed that I no longer recognized some of the more recent Scrum trainers. I really want to get to know the wider Scrum community, and I decided that the way that I would do it would be by doing interviews and then sharing those videos. This is the start of […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Excerpt from Scrum 101: Scrum Roles and Responsibilities - Scrumology.com

Excerpt from Scrum 101: Scrum Roles and Responsibilities

One of the biggest advantages of adopting scrum is the roles and responsibilities. They’re very well thought out and designed to reduce conflict if interest. Within Scrum there is no hierarchy with respect to the roles. The Scrum Master is not the boss of the team, and the Scrum Master is not subordinate to the […]

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A scene from the Product Burndown video.

Scrum101 … an intensive online introduction to Scrum

Scrum101 is a side project that I’ve been working on and off for over a year. It started as some experiments in video, because I wanted to learn how my live course material would translate into video and if there was something that I could do with that. The vision I had when I started […]

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