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George Dinwiddie

Guest post: What is an Agile Coach?

Recently a friend asked about the definition of the title, “Agile Coach.” Googling “agile coach” informs me that there are about 205,000 pages with that term. Obviously the term is in widespread use. I don’t typically call myself an Agile Coach, though I’ll use that term informally if it’s the term used by those with […]

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Guest Post: Reflections on Scrum and Kanban

Done and done! 1,5 years of hard work at National Land Survey is over. What a great project! This post will be on my personal findings about Scrum team transition to Kanban. What worked and what not? Moreover, I will try to analyze the failures we made and to come up with some solutions. Let’s […]

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Profile of a Scrum Trainer in Numbers.

The Scrum Alliance maintains a wealth of data about it members. This includes information about the activities of the Scrum Trainers. I recently downloaded my data and found that the charts generated from this data created a profile of my activities over the last few years. Here’s a summary of the total number of students […]

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