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George Dinwiddie

Guest post: What is an Agile Coach?

Recently a friend asked about the definition of the title, “Agile Coach.” Googling “agile coach” informs me that there are about 205,000 pages with that term. Obviously the term is in widespread use. I don’t typically call myself an Agile Coach, though I’ll use that term informally if it’s the term used by those with […]

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Guest post: Artful Agile

When the global Agile Tour made it’s 2011 stop in Sydney, little did we know that a new Agile game was about to be born. The Sydney leg of the tour was a fantastic couple of days full of wholehearted interaction and efficient, self-organizing groups. The opportunity to create a new Agile game was presented to […]

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Scrummaster Mind Map

Sydney Scrum Training and some nice mind maps

Co-training can be either a joy or a burden depending on the interaction between the trainings. I’ve been on the receiving end of a few bad experiences, and so I typically prepare for the worst. And so, it was a pleasant surprise when my most recent Sydney ScrumMaster training went exceptionally smoothly. I was co-training […]

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