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Laszlo Szalvay

How did an entrepreneur grow a successful product and services business around Scrum

I met Laszlo Szalvay (and his brother Victor Szalvay) several years ago, when Laszlo hired me at Danube Technologies. Both Laszlo and Victor are quite remarkable entrepreneurs who started Danube Technologies straight out of college. This is a story how they build a successful product and services business around Agile and Scrum, and how they […]

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Chris Sterling

Guest post: Scrum is the Vehicle, Not the Destination

Have you ever heard or said any of these phrases? We are going to implement the Scrum methodology. We’re doing a modified Scrum. Our developers are using a Scrum process. These may seem like innocuous statements but they are indicators of potential misinterpretation of how Scrum is best utilized. Scrum is not a full development […]

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