The fear of releasing, and a video introduction to Scrum

Four months ago I put up a video introduction to Scrum. It was 13 minutes long, the image was blurry and it was awfully boring. I promised I’d (eventually) replace it, and I’ve finally managed to do so. The new video is sharper and moves at a much quicker place; it’s under 4 minutes long. You can view it here:

The video has been mostly complete for a few weeks, but even though it was ready to be released I procrastinated. I had two concerns about releasing the video:

  1. I was fearful of critical feedback … even worse, what if I received no feedback at all. And,
  2. I had (and still have) a vision of several videos explaining different aspects of Scrum. I felt that there wasn’t any value in releasing just one video.

Both of these fears are emotional reactions to rejection and I’ve encountered them before when releasing new products. Rather than dwell on my fears, I decided to look at the worst outcomes for each of my concerns.

In the case of my first concern, the worst outcome would be that I learn there is no interest in the product that I’m building. I could then spend my efforts building something that customers do want.

And in the case of my second concern, the worst outcome would be that there really is no value in just the one video. I’m not the best judge of value, and I decided the best way to measure this was to ask viewers if they would like to be informed when the full series is complete. If people took the time to signup (to be notified), then obviously they gained some value from what was presented and would like to see more.

The video was released overnight, and I’m pleased to say that my fears were unwarranted. In the short time since the video was released I’ve had some good feedback primarily via twitter. Not only that, but a number of people have already signed up to be notified! Here’s a few cherry-picked comments:

Excellent! Well Explained Video! @EdmontonPM

thx for the scrum overview… clear and certainly compressed outline of process @rdwatkins

You can watch the video and signup to be notified when the completed course is available, here:

One Response to The fear of releasing, and a video introduction to Scrum

  1. Chris Saunders March 18, 2011 at 3:27 am #

    Simple to the point with good audio quality. It’s like watching a story unfold. I was waiting for the red marker pen for the bright shiny product at the end of the sprint.

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